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Wow, I haven't practiced in 2 weeks, really closer to a whole month. In part due to a finger injury. Mostly due to a headache that will not stop. 3 weeks solid. I've had chiro appts, massages, seen my optometrist, tried several painkillers, ice, heat, it's been relentless!

Monday, I was prescribed a painkiller that actually helped a little! YEAY! Today, I saw my GP, who laid the blame squarely at the feet of muscles-skeleton-tension stuff. I'm badly inflamed. She prescribed an anti-inflammatory, which I am to rotate with the painkiller. Ice, stretching, continued massage/chiropractic.

So, good news: not likely anything terrifying like a tumor or some new sinus-related-horror.

Bad news: I'm soooooo not practiced up for rehearsal Sunday, or our upcoming performances.

I did take the opportunity to have a music theory lesson instead of a playing-the-flute lesson with my flute teacher this week! I learned about stacked chords, what the hell a "minor third" and "diminished fifth" is... VERY COOL! I want to learn more about why music works so I can understand playing better (and playing in an ensemble - now I know what it means when "2nds have the root, basses have the fifth, altos have the 3rd").

I've been struggling with Flute Choir lately. It hasn't been as much fun; I'm frustrated with many of the other players. Our numbers are way down and so is our quality of sound. I resent playing next to someone who is a brand-new beginner player with apparently no ear to hear how gratingly out of tune we are. GRRR. Worse than that, though, are the folks who don't seem to practice on their own EVER and do not have the talent to fake it. We have a few train wrecks every rehearsal, and often half the choir simply gives up and quits playing they're so lost. And this music isn't hard! Intermediate at most. There's really no excuse.

I'm not going to continue being on the Board of Directors after this year is up (in June). I took something I did for fun, for pleasure, and made it into work. I want to walk that back a bit. I need to keep leisure separate from work. Plus, I'm back on the Home's Association Board again and I do not have time or patience for 2 Boards! Especially with work being so demanding. 99hrs on my last 2 weeks check, a little over 100 on this one. May 1st, Things are Going to Change.

Among the planned changes are reduced hours at work, a scheduled commitment to exercise with weights, and a Whole30. This weekend if I really don't work, I'll be meal planning. Already been eating through non-W30-compliant foods and made up a box of them to give away.

Date: 29 Apr 2017 14:54 (UTC)
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That sucks about the headache. I hope things are better soon. That stinks about Flute Choir--what the hell, people? That's junior-high shit, come on.

Best of luck with the changes! Let me know if I can offer advice...

Date: 29 Apr 2017 22:19 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mourningdove333
I hope that terrible headache pain goes away and i'm sorry about all that trouble you're experiencing in the Flute Choir! What is Whole30?


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