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Prior to day 1, I scoured my kitchen for non-compliant foodstuffs. Those I could part with I donated to a local church program. Those I wanted to keep are stored out of sight, or if in-sight, clearly labeled/segregated so I don't grab them by accident. Did some shopping and food prep last Sunday so I'd have lunches for the week.

Observations/successes from the first week include:

1. Proscuitto is delicious. Why do we even have bacon when we have proscuitto? (Probably $$$. Bless Costco for carrying this in an affordable bulk package, btw.)

2. I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE MAYO!!! 100% thanks to Foolproof Homemade Mayo, my long history of failed mayo is OVER. Immersion blender + better egg-oil ratio = NOM NOM NOM. I already have an (ancient) immersion blender, and a large stockpile of that exact size of wide-mouth glass jars.

3. Coconuts are miracle foods. Coconut butter is so damned delicious.

4. I made my own clarified butter - kind of fun, super easy, cost-effective, and a fantastic cooking oil! Never tried it before; last W30 I bought ghee, which was ok but expensive and has its own unique flavor that didn't always work with what I wanted to use it for.

5. Instead of rewarding myself with food, I bought myself some music-related items (stand light, portable multi-instrument stand), a fun nightgown, and a new kitchen gadget to help with my increased cooking! I don't know how others will think this looks, but for me, this is tremendous. I'd buy myself expensive sugary treats without hesitation while actually needed, useful, and/or highly coveted non-food items of lesser value went unpurchased.

I've been hungry a lot during this first week. No specific cravings or food-drama, though. I've cooked often, which makes my creative soul ecstatic. I enjoy cooking and have no idea why I ever stop.

I also don't know why I magically don't care anymore about sweets when I do a W30. Any other point in my life when I say "ok, no more x" I fail spectacularly. Commit to a W30 and I'm all "sugary confection? Nah." I wonder if this is psychological in nature - my subconscious knows I'm committed to feeding myself good food at regular intervals so it doesn't kick into panic mode when I get hungry?

I am not focusing on physical exercise at this point. Work has been so stressful and I'm working so many hours I don't want to torpedo my W30 by trying to pack in too much to-do. This doesn't mean I'm ignoring fitness, just that I'm not focusing on it. Which is discouraging, because the W30 books tacitly emphasize all this weight lifting/strength training rhetoric in the text. Words of encouragement appreciated as I try not to flagellate myself for being a Total Failure because I'm Not Doing Everything Right.

This week will be challenging, starting with today. Flute choir has a short performance immediately following rehearsal today and I won't have time or leisure to eat anything until afterward. I'm going to throw together a snack pack after I finish this post, pack a lot of water, and bring toothbrush/toothpaste. When I get home, I can immediately eat leftovers from last night - no reheating or complicated prep required.

This week will also be my first intense challenge to my W30, on Day 10, which per the book says this is the day most likely for failure to occur. We're going out of town (not far) for dad's memorial celebration and staying the night in a B&B. Food options are never that great to begin with when traveling to small towns.

Current plan is to have a plan (yes, this means I don't quite yet)... Bring food I can eat, make food to bring & share at the event that I can eat, and maybe bring something distracting to occupy my hands like colouring. I will also communicate with the B&B owner (we've stayed there before) to ensure a W30 compliant breakfast.

Week 2, here we go!
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