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Yesterday, I ate non-gluten grains - bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and rice with my dinner.

Back to W30 till Sunday to give myself time to observe if this had any noticeable effect on my system. Thus far, I can't objectively say. Work has been increasingly stressful (projected break in July/August though!) and I'm teetering on sleep debt, so it's hard to say. I see the wisdom in waiting 3 days before moving to the next reintroduction step.

I did not do a Sunday cookup this past week. Did that Monday/Tuesday instead, and lost sleep because of it. Also lost some sleep time last night cooking. Lesson learned: Cook on Sunday or eat eggs and greens all week. The food was not worth the sleep sacrifice.

Lesson of the week: when a recipe calls for 1/2c fresh parsley &/or cilantro, packed, don't pack. This message brought to you by the (dairy-free) Dump Ranch Dressing recipe, which resulted more of a parsley-and-cilantro-puree. (Apparently when I pack, I reeeeeeeally pack!)

Sunday, I'll try dairy. Haven't decided what, exactly. Probably cheese and yogurt? I have no interest in milk, and if I never eat dairy ice cream again it will be a glorious evolution of comfort for my digestive system.

Movement-related news: Yesterday after work, I scored a Schwinn Airdyne bike for $8 at a church garage sale fundraiser.

No, that is not a typo. Eight. Dollars.


The electronic readout pad thingy appears to be dead (pretty sure it got rained on sitting out on the church lawn), but otherwise the machine is in excellent condition. SO STOKED for an instant-workout with a small footprint and no impact. A similar bike at my local CrossFit gym is what helped me rehab after CFS and build the strength, stamina, and enthusiasm for weightlifting. The hopes, they are high!

Date: 3 Jun 2017 21:27 (UTC)
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What a bunch of good news! except maybe for the ranch dressing sadness. =/


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