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I had thought I could use my alto as a "backup" but 2 problems with that: 1) the alto is too different and 2) if I really need a backup for a performance, the alto is in the wrong key so I couldn't use it, anyway!

After intensive play-testing of 2 potential flutes, I decided to buy the little Trevor James 10XE student model from Judi. It was rented by a prospective student who gave it up after just 3 months.

  • My headjoint will fit on it - loosely, but we can probably wrap some teflon tape on it to snug it up if needed.
  • Smooth key mechanism.
  • Split E mechanism = easier to play said note
  • Basically brand new
  • A good brand that will keep resale value
  • Great sound for this level of flute
  • I wouldn't feel bad if I didn't play it very often
  • I wouldn't feel bad playing it in cold weather, or taking it on trips where it might get damaged, lost, or stolen
  • Since it is so new, it's more than I'd prefer to spend on a backup flute
  • Might be mean of me to buy it when there's a student somewhere who would like to have a great starter flute at a great price
  • It has an offset G, which my flute doesn't have (although switching back and forth should be fine no more than I'm going to be playing it)

The other flute I looked at was an Amadeus 700, solid silver w/ open holed keys; just too nice for a backup. It was much beloved by a very talented, serious flute student of my teacher for many years. However, her mother found an Altus 1207 on Craigslist that was apparently a STEAL, so she has had to part with this one.
  • It was a lovely flute!
  • The cut is somewhat similar to my headjoint (closer than the TJ, anyway)
  • My headjoint fits the body of the Amadeus like it was made for it
  • There's a possibility I could use it as a cheap upgrade for my flute since it's solid silver and mine isn't
  • I wouldn't play it enough to really do it justice.
  • Older instrument
  • Higher price; I could put that $1000 toward a true upgraded body for my current flute instead
  • I wouldn't want to take it out in the cold any more than I would my own flute
  • It would definitely be rotten of me to buy it as a backup when it's an excellent quality, reasonably-priced step-up flute that some high school student might really be grateful for the chance to buy and play...
I could've kept shopping around, but I really cottoned to the TJ, and I like to have decisions made, so there you have it. Not to mention I like and trust Judi. If she says it'll play like new after sitting in a case for ?? months/years, she'd be the one to know. It makes me feel a little fuzzy inside that she approves of how I care for my instruments, too! <3
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